Monday, January 19, 2009

Dimitar Berbatov - Class Act

Click HERE to watch it in HD. This is the stuff of a champion. 


RIP nannu Guzepp.

17th January 2009 is a date I will never forget. I lost what remained of my gradparents. In-nannu was, to be honest with myself, quite battered but he was still going. As my dad said and will continue to say is that he [in-nannu] probably lived till 86 because of his will power. We are 100% sure that he was suffering, a lot, but he never showed it and never ever had the thought of staying in bed to get better. Every single day since I can remember his daily routine was going to St. George's Basilica for about 3 consecutive masses and then off to a local bar to have a cup of tea with his friends. Every single day this routine never ever changed even when he was in dire back pain. I can only wish to have 1/5 of his will power - his spirit to continue going. 

Life is cruel. A man as strong and as independent as my grandpa should have never died this way. How can a man like him become bedridden in 2 weeks and die? It's just not fucking fair. 

Rest in peace nannu. Take care.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I just got robbed.

Some dickhead stole my car cover. I got it as a gift for Christmas since, being broke to the bone, I was using plastic as a shield against the elements. I usually keep my car parked in the same spot from Sunday night till Friday morning here in Malta. 

I feared this would happen. Plus this confirmed my theory that everyone here [Malta] is a fucking git and that there is no other place in the world like my native Gozo. Fuck all the cunts who think that this is funny and I hope that these fuckheads get caught. I always hated Malta and all its snobbish people who think that they know better. This sealed the deal I guess.


The Champions of Everything (Man Utd) trash the Hopefuls of Everything (Chelsea) 3-0!

A first half goal by our magnificent Serbian defender Vidic and two second half goals by both our strikers Rooney and Berbatov secured a very important win for Manchester United. You can watch the highlights HERE.

Post-match interviews and expert analysis HERE.

All I have to say is: Were you watching Merseyside? 


PS: We are 5 points below the leaders [till Sunday] Liverpool with TWO games in hand. By Sunday we could [will] be top of the table.