Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I just got robbed.

Some dickhead stole my car cover. I got it as a gift for Christmas since, being broke to the bone, I was using plastic as a shield against the elements. I usually keep my car parked in the same spot from Sunday night till Friday morning here in Malta. 

I feared this would happen. Plus this confirmed my theory that everyone here [Malta] is a fucking git and that there is no other place in the world like my native Gozo. Fuck all the cunts who think that this is funny and I hope that these fuckheads get caught. I always hated Malta and all its snobbish people who think that they know better. This sealed the deal I guess.



Chris "Red" said...

Whoa man that sucks. Are you sure it wasn't blown away or something?

VuZuW said...

Maybe this hurricane blasted it away?
At least Malta's better than america. Here it's your cover, there, it's your car.

Redentine said...

I thought about wind too, but considering in what country we are living, I bet it was stolen not blown. This is the second time your car was involved in an idiocy!. The first was when someone reversed into the side of the car and just ran away and now this cover "thing"... Therefore one word says it all ... "MALTA"

Androo said...

I checked around the car in case it was the wind but it wasn't. At least, if it was the wind, somebody picked it [the cover] up.

And Steve, honestly I agree with you but to be honest I don't really give a rat's ass about America. I'm a Gozitan not American =)

But thanks for the consolation anyway ;)

Oliver said...

And then these Maltese cunts label us Gozitans as 'misers'

Paul Gafa' said...

Welcome to the jungle!