Monday, January 19, 2009

RIP nannu Guzepp.

17th January 2009 is a date I will never forget. I lost what remained of my gradparents. In-nannu was, to be honest with myself, quite battered but he was still going. As my dad said and will continue to say is that he [in-nannu] probably lived till 86 because of his will power. We are 100% sure that he was suffering, a lot, but he never showed it and never ever had the thought of staying in bed to get better. Every single day since I can remember his daily routine was going to St. George's Basilica for about 3 consecutive masses and then off to a local bar to have a cup of tea with his friends. Every single day this routine never ever changed even when he was in dire back pain. I can only wish to have 1/5 of his will power - his spirit to continue going. 

Life is cruel. A man as strong and as independent as my grandpa should have never died this way. How can a man like him become bedridden in 2 weeks and die? It's just not fucking fair. 

Rest in peace nannu. Take care.



Redentine said...

He will surely be praying for you and helping you from heaven. Always remember him in your prayers... you have two to help you now :)

Androo said...

Four actually!