Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The moment I heard what Heaven sounded like.

As a guitarist I should be more than happy with what I've already got. A signature Les Paul, a Strat and a bloody Marshall - what more could I possibly want? No, scratch that. What more could I possibly need!?

Time for a story!

Yesterday my friend and flatmate Chris "Red" went to a music store to order an amp and I tagged along. He desperately... desperately needed one. Once at the store, what could have been a straightforward experience turned into a huge mindfuck. The store assistants completely disagreed with Red's choice and did everything in their power to change his mind. He did. Wise choice too. Anyway midway through this mindfuck one of them told Red to listen to one particular amp, an ENGL Screamer 50, before he made his choice. The ENGL was some 400 EUR over his budget but the assistant insisted [so many Ss - Ed] on Red hearing it. He grabbed a budget PRS, plugged it straight into the ENGL and switched it on.

I fell in love. Instantly.

I had never heard something so smooth, so pure, so tight, so versatile, so in-your-face in my life. I want it. I need it. I crave its heavenly sounds. Fuck my Marshall, THIS is the amp, the tone, I had been looking for ever since I bought my Les Paul.

I want that ENGL Screamer 50 Combo. It costs an arm and a leg but I'd sell my soul to own such a brilliant little amplifier.


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