Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm back!

I was never really gone, just stopped bothering really. But Manchester United's win against Portsmouth last night promted me to write this:

Manchester United are [most probably] champions of England once again!

After a tiny blip which saw us lose two games in a row and draw at OT against Porto in the Champions League United are back to what they do best: win... without really trying. Yesterday we should be scored at the very least 6 but most didn't bother and two were enough. 


On another topic, I recently broke, then later repaired, my controller. I am obsessed with Mario Kart Wii's online component and after a series of really good wins I lost several ones to drag my points back to square one. Then I got disconnected and Nintendo chalked off DOUBLE the points I hate won since they thought I disconnected on purpose, which was not the case. Of course there was only one solution left and I grabbed the poor innocent controller and smahsed it in two. Thank God Nintendo's products are made of steel and it didn't go bust, except for the casing.

My article on this very topic on will be up in a week's time. I'll post it here as well when it does.


PS: Manchester United rock - forever and always. I'm sorry scousers but you were never meant to be as popular as us. Even when you were winning trophies we made more money than you simply because people love us more. 

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