Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spaniels, Man United and Summer Holidays!

A few weeks ago, right after my exam I got a call from my dad that my 8 year old Cocker Spaniel dog was in his last hours. It was the biggest shock of the year for me. Just the day before I had called home and dad told me that Tinker (that was his name!) was merrily playing in his usual spot. Apparently he was severly sick with kidney failure and even though there were some signs, like a very dry nose, every time we took him to the 'vet' he told us that nothing was wrong. Nothing wrong my ARSE! Tinker peed a lot of blood in the afternoon and in a couple of minutes half his body was paralysed and he couldn't manouver his hind legs whatsoever. He didn't want to eat and couldn't be bothered with anything. Basically he was dying. After a very emotional few minutes me and my dad decided to put him to sleep since blood tests showed that nothing could be done whatsoever.

Fastforward two weeks and we now got a very, very cute Springer Spaniel female pup! She is the most playful little bugger I've ever met. Here's a few info on her:
- I've named her Perla (conincidentially Slash's wife is named Perla XD);
- She's nine weeks old;
- LOVES to bite EVERYTHING, especially my feet;
- Her hobby must be pooping since she does it quite regularly every day;
- Since she's still 9 weeks old she gets tired easily and therefore sleeps a lot too;
- She loves to cuddle;
- I never knew potty training a puppy was so darn tough.

Sleeping on my bed... ain't she adorable? =)

On a different topic - Manchester United were crowned Champions of England for the 18th time last May but lost 2-0 to Barcelona a week later in the Champions League final therefore surrendering the European title to the Spanish Champions - deservedly so, I might add. United's Portugese primadonna is off to Real Madrid after all for £80 MILLION POUNDS. Christ almighty Real Madrid are absolutely DAFT. Ronaldo wanted to leave, he only had two years left on his contract and they could have got him for so much less in a years time. Hey, no one's complaining in the United camp. Sir Alex (aka The Best Manager In The World[TM]) now has about £106 million to spend in the summer - Ronaldo = £80M, annual transfer budget = £20M, sale of Campbell - £6M. Although we haven't yet started the spending spree we will as soon as Ronaldo puts pen to paper soon. Who are we getting? Benzema? Ribery? Aguero? Only time will tell. I honestly only want one of the mentioned three since I'd like to see our youth more often next season. Macheda, Welbeck, Tosic and Ljajic have great potential! August 15th can't come soon enough!!


PS: Summer holidays!! Wohooooooooooooooooo!! Swimming, spending time with Redentine (3 years, 8 months and counting!), potty training Perla (-_-'), teaching English to foreign students who really don't give a crap and obviously kicking Oliver's ass online in PES09 (someday!). Ciao for now!

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